13 January 2013

Not ANOTHER Form of Astrology?!!!!

Well, yes there is.  The new child on the block:  Human Design Astrology.  Go on, here's some links -- go run your chart and, you can get some more information about how wonderful you are and the potential you hold and the habits and patterns that hold you back, but you already knew most of the information or did something surprise you?   At first I was very ho-hum about this Human Design thing. 

Sometimes it takes a minute to understand why the universe shared with you what it did with the impact it did brought that gift, information, understanding, knowledge or wisdom.  Human Design Astrology, I believe, is the third form of astrology for me to integrate to have a balanced perspective on the information I realize when I collect all the symbols and tell their stories.  And, we all know that three is the magic number.  So, I'm going with it.

For experienced astrologers, there is the helio-centric perspective of astrology that I believe is best suited for use with the Human Design concepts.  If layered,  the information of Human Design Astrology provides either an underlayment or a top coat to the helio-centric focus of the creative person.  Often more effective than looking at the traditional natal geo-centric chart, the Human Design system offers an alternative perspective of geo-centric everyday life.  This system seems to work best in combination for artists, inventor, creator, gardner, innovative leaders or have strong outer planet or 8th house indicators in your traditional natal chart.

When taken from the helio-centric perspective, the "Sun's view" of your life, you are inviting a perspective beyond just, "What am I here on earth to do?" to a perspective of "What am I here to do for planet earth?"  As a living being giving birth to us her children, the earth gave birth to us to ensure her survival in the solar system, the galaxy and the cosmos.  We can choose to embody that energy with all its unique gifts and attachment to the cosmos.  That is why we are curious.

And, believe it or not, that is actually easier for some people to understand and do.
As the sun, being the center of our solar system has its sphere of influence over its system, the sun is also a part of that Galactic Center reality and it acts and interacts with the Galactic Center (and all that the GC represents beyond that) to empower and coordinate its control, authority and management of its own solar system.

So, what kind of earthling R U?

Seriously.  Without getting into the possible reality that we are not all "pure earthlings", let's start with our familiar zodiac (both for the prevailing energy as well as the true cosmic positions) of our reality from a helio-centric position.  Its a chart option on most programs, and Astro.com, will generate both a Tropical and Sidereal helio-centric chart of your birth data for free.  Where is the earth and moon position?  What sign?  Start with what you know about astrology and go from there, you may want to read the sun sign information for that sign and say, "I am that for the earth."

For 2013, I have committed to writing here once a month.  On this subject, this is the introduction, and I hope to share more thoughts on helio-centric perspectives and more about what I learn for the uses of Human Design Astrology.

peace & harmony,
elaine x
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