17 November 2013

Open Space

This was a draft with no-thing here, so it was open space held by my former self for something to be written in this place at this time.  Why is that important?

In the digital world, time stamps are critical (and, yes, modifiable as well).  but the time stamp is always there, even if it is the only true measure of the space as held through each and every algorithm which, in their own structure, has a moment of its creation and its invasive nature on all the 0s and 1s it encounters.  because even if it has disappeared from the "hard copy," the observer has already changed the outcome.

so, this space was held in "potential" -- potential and active energies are of equal importance to one another because without one another, the phohat of non-engagement of exclusionary realities, would deliver a chaos the actives and potentials could not bear to watch -- a place where the feeding frenzy could stop.

seeding "latergrams" are effective tools to create lines of projection to focus and empower the overall vision.  little tools to help through either the random of chance or used more specifically through the use of projection of transits, harmonic and vibrational patterns.  highly effective in the geo-centric notion of retrogrades and the impact of the 3d space and time vibration we share.

"A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except thoughts."  a "rumination" interlude that often reminds me that meditation is the most effective tool we have to counter action being taken in a direction we no longer wish to go.  it also reminds me, that if i take no action on my thoughts to bring about the reality they present to me, that life will continue in the realm of thought only.

the power of experience specific to any one thought is a powerful drive to find the manifestation of the projected thoughts.  which is why your mother always told you, "be careful what you think, it creates your reality."  And, truly, reality is only created by those thoughts your actions are taking.