17 December 2013

Timing of Love

In the third dimensional world we live in, time is 1/3 of all reality.

Time has an innate consistency yet an ability to be manipulated by schedule or random.

Sequences provide projectable consistencies and then in comes Comet ISON that interferes with the space and vibration of our solar system in its rigid consistent rotation and revolutions, and, well, ISON, truthfully, did not have a chance.  But it did make the scene!

Some lives are like that too.  Randomly too something to not actually come together to find a space, time and vibration for co-existence, if even just for a moment before moving off again in a different direction.

Comparison and contrast of the geo-centric and helio-centric zodiacs help find consistencies in relationship patterns.  It seems that most people really are just looking for their soul mates here on earth and everything else they do is what they do while they search.  Some go about it looking at all the different options and others look for it in one specific option that happens to be there.  I found the nature in the different dispositions to be one of heliocentric perspective vs. geocentric.  I have found in transit, that the consistency of the geo-centric connections can be used to track those comets and find out if one of those can withstand the heat of the Sun as it makes its initial pass-by.