13 April 2006

a hot proposal

"Proposals are supposed to be romantic, exciting, passionate and memorable." Dr. Ava Cadell

how was your last presentation ?
did you test it first?

did it sizzle?

what made it work?
what needed help?

did you have sex before?

did you have sex after?

what are you waiting for?

a key to success: keep learning

1. have you evaluated your last presentation? 'you are only as good as your last movie' .... objective evaluation of anything in hind sight will prepare you for the next one. when working with others, this is when you can truly see how strong a team you have.

2. did you test it first? i use my six year old and people who have no idea what i am talking about ... if they can understand me, so can everyone in an 'educated' room. people receive information and ideas differently. if you are able to convey your message to every single person in the room in their unique way of receiving information, you have won. whether or not the time is right for your proposal ... go back to no. 1 learn some more ... use the feedback and try again.

3. did it sizzle? if ginger is the spice of life ... use all the ginger you can muster. appeal to the 'venus' in everyone ... the planet that loves beauty and order more than anything else, rules taurus ... a very important area of life when you are talking about business. color can tease the eyes and mind and convey feelings and ideas that remain unspoken (well, except perhaps behind closed doors!).

4. what made it work? did the rush come? where you even able to feel what was happening or were you too nervous and anxious ... see no. 6 below.

5. what needed help? content? creativity? context? clarity? commitment? the five c's will help you see where you need help. as you build yourself, built your team and resources to match your vision of what you want.

6. did you have sex before? something about having sex before any major anything is the most freeing thing on the planet. the connection between power, money and sex ... well, come to las vegas if you need a workshop on how that works.

7. did you have sex after? you control that one. because if you have sex 'after', it really is the same as sex 'before' the next time. the whole neptune/pisces/12th house thing, for those that know the astrology codes.

8. what are you waiting for? a written invitation to your life?

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'
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