04 April 2006

doing it

'playing with fire and not getting burned' - seal

how much of who you are and what you have accomplished just happened?

i mean, some days do you wake up and wonder 'what am i doing here? i was supposed to be .........'

but, you did what your parents told you; graduated from school, got a job. you are conscientious and do well because you work hard and are more than competent at your job. you are 'successful,' have co-workers who like and respect you, and you work hard for a company who 'values' you.

something you always wanted to be when you grow up ... right?

hmmmm ... interesting.

do you even know why are you working where you are? besides the obvious answers, try to think of five reasons you are working for the company you are working for; and, just push it a bit more, and think of five reasons you are doing the work you do for them.

honestly answering that question may give you the way back to what you truly want, if you are not on your way there already.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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