01 April 2006

on being 38 ...

'... act your age not your shoe size ...' prince

i've been 38 for six months ... reminded today that i will be 39 in just less than 6 months ... what a beautiful day.

being an age such as 38 has really cool implications, and some great challenges, but mostly it is one of fun. i started off being 38 in 2005 (vibration of 7), when my new year's 'resolution' was 'party more'! so, when 2006's 'resolution' came to me (e.g., the question 'why not?'), the whole 38 vibration i started in september, 2005 took on a whole different meaning.

3-manifestation, trinity and 8-power, fortune. the age 38 vibrates to the master vibration of 11. 11 is the master teacher of the '1' energy that resonates as a 2 (spiral skipping potential). the energy of the '1' is just that: initiatory, the idea to be asserted, the yang energy to be put out in the universe. ... ask a question for a more technical discussion.

so, in a nutshell, in this year, 2006, an 8 year, you have the power to do what ever you want ... if you are not clear about what you want, think about this question posed by a teacher of mine:

"how can it get better than this?"

once you have that visualized, ask the question of 2006: why not? deal with the logistics or let go of the fear to make that reality appear before your eyes.

working with others? most logistics need communication.

working with others? most fears need communication.

the more you ask yourself 'how can it get better than this?', the sooner you will be able to see what you want manifest in your life.

use your passions ... do want to play golf? do it. soon, the night driving range won't be good enough, and the hunger and thirst to hit the courses will help transform your life to facilitate that passion of your's.

'how can it get better than this?'

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

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