07 October 2009

2010 here we come . . .

now, many of you may wonder . . . 'elaine doesn't even use the gregorian calendar anymore, why is she writing about that time cycle?' . . . i write about it because it is the time sequence the prevailing world exists on, and if you do not understand the energy of that sequence, you can never bring that energy into a new time sequence -- your timing, your existence, your journey's sequence. bringing energy, money, whatever, into the world you live in because you are doing what you love.

besides, this is the time we begin to feel the pull of the new energy we are being pulled toward in 2010. think about how much energy is built up to the new year cycle. just think about the fact that almost all corporate financial sequences begin again each 01 january. this is the time when the pull from future is definitively stronger than the pull from the past (unless of course, you are running with a severe temporal deficit, then the past is probably overwhelming you, but that's a discussion for another day!).

working to maintain 'beingness' in this futuristic magnetism stream is a challenge as we make so many future plans ... what am I going to be Halloween? what do I want from Santa Claus? And, the push from our external environment to be future orientated is a blessing if you use that time connection while maintaining the ground to this present moment of being.

2010 is a 3 year . . . but its a 3 year after a master 11 vibration 2 year, which 2009 still has to play out. that master 1-1 is that which one must walk fully and completely in the being that is you.

so, 9 months done, are you a master or are you still thinking you *should* be one, or trying to convince yourself that you are one . . . or are you simply a master. masters no longer have to try, they just do it. 3 more months of training and discipline, and this is where you can believe in just about anything to be possible, as we are being pulled into a year of manifestation.

the 3 vibration is, obviously, related to the trinity, the triangle ... when that which consists of "god" came together to exist as "god" in the form prescribed and optimized for existence in this third dimension. less singularly in belief structure, 3 is the manifestation of the sum of the parts in the third dimension, call it god, the cosmos or merely our feeble attempts to understand our existence and connection to that which is infinite or is, perhaps, only chaos under our defined terms.

so, as you consider today what you want to manifest in 2010, ask yourself these questions . . . how would the person i am be if that which i am working to manifest was manifest today in this moment? 'act it until you are it' . . . besides practice makes perfect, even when it comes to being you.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'