25 January 2009

Saturn Rx . . . Solar Eclipse

whoosh goes the wind.

a slight gust lifts your hair as you sit down, you know that tonight was just a bit different.
well, if you didn't, then don't bother reading this, or do . . . because just like everything in life, what you do now is your choice . . .

make it and do it.

so, we've been making choices. haven't you during 2009? lots of choices, and when you don't you are willing to submit to the choice of others for all of you.

that's the juxtaposition that saturn as the ruler of capricorn and co-ruler of aquarius represents.

and its turned retrograde. always lots of dad issues when saturn turns retrograde. if you have it natal, father issues will likely be the parental theme of your life especially in the house that it plays in on the morning of your birth. me, lucky me, saturn rx in the 8th. but this is not about me, is it?

so the prescription for this Saturn Rx which started on 31 dec 2k8, yes, this past new year's eve (sends the memories running back to 'what was I doing?'), is: the solar eclipse in 'aquarius' . . . ok, sure, really the moon's in capricorn, but what's the big difference in its remedy for what ails you this Saturn Rx/Mercury Rx . . . = )

(and not to mention, the fact that saturn is still doing the fun uranus opposition
thing . . . and will be coming into its 2nd opposition the first week in february!)

as the moon blocks the sun, intuition is being called upon at its highest level. listen to your small inner voice louder than ever -- shuffle through the voices of the ancestors and others who think they know what you should do, and find your own voice and listen to it.

know that what you know to do is your destiny
and you can either live it today (like our new
president is doing it) the best way you know how.

you can wait until tomorrow, but why? stick to the details of your life today, and as you cross of the things you "have to do," the truth that, 'this is what i want to do' becomes your mantra and your life.

saturn retrograde, attention to the details of the structure that exists around you is your success. mercury retrograde is helping you REALLY understand which details you are supposed to being paying attention to . . . me, on New Year's Eve, eating a Trader Joe's French Truffle on the hour until we watched Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve for 3 times zones until Daddy's New Years in Las Vegas @ the MGM Grand's Arena as for the 3rd year in a row, he brought in the New Year's Show's Midnight "Shout" . . . we heard it all the way in Detroit! (Oh, my . . . did you see how i slipped in to 'proper' capitalization?!!! i must be writing too much for the 'structured' world lately!)

happy 2009!
thank you everyone for your love and support.

my trial is scheduled for 6 april 2009. so, i have been called to play the idealist for another couple of months here in las vegas . . . after which i will be relocating . . . to keep up-to-date on the latest developments, visit my "Parent's Summer School" blog . . . that's where I will post all my thoughts on the current case of 1st degree kidnapping and conspiracy which carries a sentence of 'life in prison'.


peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'