19 February 2009

A Primatic Future

"Hero of Alexandria defined [gnomonic expansion] as follows: 'A gnomon is any figure which, when added to an original figure, leaves the resultant figure similar to the original.' The contemplation of this figure leads to an understanding of one of nature's most common forms of growth, growth by accretion or accumulative increase, in which the old form is contained within the new." From Robert Lawlor's Sacred Geometry.

Gnomonic growth . . . the concept of growth that comes through the inclusion of that which existed before it. Phi, the golden ratio/spiral, or the Fibonacci sequence are a classic example of gnomonic growth. That, gnomonic, is the most common form of growth in the universe, it is a "past" based generative system of growth.

The "stimulus package", the "bailout" and all the things that Obama is trying to do, is a form of gnomonic growth.

Perhaps its time we take a different lesson from the economic universe, one that our entire economic system runs on . . . primatic expansion. "Primatic" in reference to the prime number sequence, is the unpredictable system of security for the operation of our economic system. It is claimed that without these complex systems of security based on the prime numbers, all economic systems based on credit will be destroyed.

The primatic expansion is a form of exclusionary growth or expansion. Once a prime number is found, that number and all its multipliers are now forever deleted from the system. It is, a "future" projective growth model. It is an exclusionary form of growth -- it excludes all that may exist based on that which becomes once it comes into existence.

And, it is an inverse model of our present economic structure (and as this is representative of the universally accepted context, philosophy, reason and thought form which constructs our global operating matrix) from which our solutions -- economically, systemically and philosophically -- are sourced. The past (gnomonic system) should provide the security for what "exists" and expansion should be based on that which is yet to be discovered (primatic expansion).

And now, to get into my other favorite "back burner" subject (the first of which is the prime number sequence), time.

"In gnomonic time, all phases exist in ever-present layers, like the light-year structure of galactic space which makes every glance into a starry night sky a view into the past of distant bodies, while the layers of light just behind the visible light are the future energy waves which will strike and influence the earth. All aspects of the material world, including our own bodies, are therefore in the past tense, existing in a residual gnomonic layer already bypassed by inflowing cosmic energies." Again, from Lawlor's Sacred Geometry.

For us to begin to traverse the fourth dimension of time and space, we must assume and exist in primatic time. Once a prime number, reality, space or time is experienced, it and all of the gnomonic futures that will occur based on the multiples of that instance will be experienced in the oneness of existence and hence be forever excluded from ever sourcing any further growth or expansion of our sequence of numbers, reality, experience or existence based on a 'past.' Hence, erasing the concepts of time or space and our existence as being anything but singular and infinite.

This, primatic growth, is, perhaps, the beginning of our stepping into a practical tool for co-existence in the fourth dimension -- the bridge from the third dimension into the fourth. A construct to allow the use our third dimensional awareness and be-ing-ness in a context of a new dimension we cannot innately understand, and from which we can begin to explore the fourth dimension (and perhaps beyond that) in the universal comfort zone of gnomonic growth and expansion.

I think that made sense.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'