03 July 2009

Living Sidereally in a Tropical World No. 2

DUK: There are no rules in life. So make your own and live by them, you'll be happiest that way.

No. 2: The Seed of Conception

The more we understand, the less we fear.
The less we fear, the more we risk.
The more we risk, the more we trust.
The more we trust, the more we love.

(from "Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening," by Kay Lindahl)

If you can know the 'seed' of conception, the source of the fruit, the full intention of the truth, you may be one step closer to understanding the answer to "why?"

In business, there is the time the idea is born and then the time the idea is 'incorporated' and the interaction between those two energies is knowledge that one must understand to be successful.

Similarly, running a transit chart for your birth's conception gives a "snap shot" of what was being planted into the natal chart. If you are one of those moms who know when you conceived, this is the kind of information that astrologers can use, so keep that information in the baby book!

On personal levels, take a look at the psychology of the relationship between the seed and the birth. Was the fruit born out of the seed of love, commitment, dreams, hope, faith, conflict, power struggles, insecurity, desperation, guilt . . . you name it. A good dose of all of it was sown into you in order to transform and elevate the family's survival and evolution on all levels. While you are an individual, you are still human and humans have that intense and basic need to survive, your family thread can sometimes be cut, but its still the same thread.

Success in this world requires an integrated being on all levels of existence. Leave one of the levels out, and well, there's this saying about "a couple of cards short of a full deck." In which case, you will find yourself working against the "deadly sins" rather than rowing gently down the stream in the dream that is your life.

Flipping out of the matrix contraption requires a new navigation system. The poles have shifted -- or rather, will shift whenever you are ready for them to do so -- and before you know where you are going in this reality you want to create, you have to understand and know where your "center of gravity" is. [Ref. Ouspensky's "The Fourth Way."]

In astrology, its the cardinal compass points of the zodiac. And, just using basic astrology, the midheaven can really stand for your external achievements, career, standing in society, etc. The nadir or opposite of that, would be your internal grounding and the depths of your roots. "The deeper the roots, the taller the tree."

Looking at the Ascendant and Descendant axis, the questions comes to balance of "me" and "the other." "Do unto others as you would have them do to you," and "be the change you wish to see," and "you reap what you sow," all those realizations can instantly change your perception on any number of levels at any moment in time. The balance between "you" and "the other" . . . moving into this Aquarian age, this becomes a major point of transition.

How to be fully you while being fully integrated into the whole?!

We are coming from Pisces culture programming, and the end of it at that, so there is the best of teachings and the worst of its teachings, and that's why our choices are OUR choices and not our parents, etc., and our choices need to be clear and aligned with our highest good for our survival and that of our children.

Finding that balance and the imbalance of your "programming" is the goal of viewing the "conception" transits, and applying that information to the shifts in your "zodiac compass."

If you make the decision to "be" in the reality you want to create, you have to know how to navigate and read your compass.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'