17 February 2015

subtle nuances can fully impress

the transitions of the outer planets have greater influence for those with a helio-centric perspective of their reality than those who are innately geo-centric in their mindsets.

what is a "flavor" of those geo-centrically orientated (#GeoCentrics) to experience as a societal wave are "hallmarks" of those helio-centrically orientated (#SolarCentrics) to experience personally in order to generate and momentumize that societal wave under the outer planets transitional phases.

GeoCentrics = Think Globally Act Locally
SolarCentrics = Think Cosmically Act Intimately

To shift your orientation to maximize harmonization between the two co-existing worlds, understanding that difference in intrinsic perception of others, helps create a construct that establishes a foundation for fruitful dialog, efficient and productive.  If there is a lack of such in your dialog, the SolarCentric needs to STOP and establish/connect at a medium of understanding with the GeoCentrics before continuing.  There's time.  Remember, the actual cosmic alignment is about a month ahead of the prevailing energy as it is using a calendar-out-of-sync with the actual cosmos to maintain the illusory reality currently in existence on planet earth, as its present geo-political construct is based on the Gregorian Calendar (and its predecessors).