10 October 2015

things start

time is evolutionary.

it is actually a constant reality -- the seconds and minutes are always the same -- yet human relationships with time is always mutable, transitional and in the moment.

"He who controls time, controls all." - Abbe Anderson (or Abbe Starr as she was once known as an astrologer before she walked away from the professional scene lost to "psychics seeing your future" rather than the true study of time, movement, symbols, social evolution and the individual).

as i've written about calendars in the past, the control of time in our world is completely dependent on our time pieces which were all crafted, designed and created by a human.  a necessary tool, don't get me wrong, in our world of "time is money", yet its purpose (through its design -- intended or not) has been manipulated to enslave people to that belief rather than time is something for each of us to use for our own evolution, rather seeing the money as being the evolutionary goal.

maybe it is -- money, that is.  the reward from a life well lived here on earth today, yet, is money the earth's journey we are all here to lead?

i guess i was just think, how much time do we actually spend purposed to create money to flow into our existence here?

each view beyond money leads to a world where the potential is endless, where as viewing our earth existence in the context of money leads only to the accumulation or loss of that tool without anything ever actually being done.