17 July 2014

Reconciliation Of Reality and The World We Know

Its just a matter of always calling into question, am I really involved or am I merely involved?

If one is really involved, the helio-centric perspective precepts understanding any geocentric view of context for any individual.  If one is merely involved, the drama of the prevailing energy is to be used to maximize pleasure and one's life experience.

A mere juxtaposition of the actual chart with the tropically drawn zodiac, and go ahead and pencil in Ophiuchus and the actual proportions of the constellations on that heliocentric one as that is where that context has the most meaning to integrate, provides the choice in clear symbolic languages to help navigation during this time of global, interdimensional transition.

With three perspectives, or points in relation to one another, the ability to project into the unknown allows for specific direction in the moment.  Try it.  Often being an extra in everyone's story allows the creator the flexibility of choice when it comes to experience.