15 January 2011

Oph With Their Heads!

Ain't this a bitch.  A "new" constellation!
As if those stars haven't been there the entire time.
As if Ophiuchus hasn't been there, and on the books oh, for . . . let's see,
at least as long as the pyramids have been standing.

Life is fun.  I greatly appreciate that this is being integrated NOW in the general consciousness as we are moving quite swiftly now towards the "critical mass" sequence for the shift from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius -- or REALLY, are we????  After all, those age delineations will now need to be "adjusted" too, won't they.

Just be rest assured, unless your life is undergoing a 2012 kind of shift, you will wake up tomorrow much like you did today.  Shaking your heads at times at what all the fuss is about mostly.  Or, perhaps even slightly shifted when you have to move out of your house ... well, you expected that, didn't you?  At this point, losing a home isn't as life altering as it used to be, even though for a handful, it is life and death.  As that is how different life on a different gear can be even for the things in our life that are so well secured on so many levels if we choose to place security over going into the unknown.

Gears  . . . you know, in old skool clocks, there were the gears that worked with one another to keep the time of the watch in as close to perfect sync as possible.  They were the checks and balances so that all of the universe evolves together.  "So as above, so as below," right?  "On earth as it is in heaven," right?  We move closer, they move closer; this one moves faster, that one moves slower -- how often have you seen that in relationships, life, science, etc. 

The time sequencing DOES matter, if you are shifting gears in your life.  But if your life has found its rhythm that makes you happy, then, this "new discovery" is either already integrated into your perspective of your existence, or ... its irrelevant to it.  At least, it is irrelevant in the present way the information is being presented.

Don't get freaked out and troubled because everything you thought was a description of you, and it so perfectly was, thereby helping you to define how to maneuver through this life experience.  Look at this as an amazing opportunity to look at your life from a "new gear" -- maybe a faster one, maybe a slower one.  Or maybe, shifting your perspective may just help you operate that much better in the life experience you are creating with all the rest of us.

I am reading Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps by Robert W. Felix, and he's talking about this exact concept in the natural world we live in, and how the natural world evolves.  So goes the natural world, so goes the cosmos on every level, right?  Or are we not connected to all that is?   As I know there are many like me, and would use the question, is God not all connected to all of us?  And, whether we like it or not, aren't we all connected God?  A parent or creator can never lose the connection to the child or that which they have created -- even if they let it go.  Infinity is like that.

And, we are currently conscious now of the magnetic shift of the magnetic poles here on planet Earth now, aren't we.  After all it was in the news.

So, live your life and experience all you want to experience in the comfort of your own secured perspective on this reality.  There are only fears if you choose to see them and give them power.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'