14 January 2011

blondes have the most fun!

because we like to do it!  sometimes a description fits us for what that label is worth, we can use it, we can all be "legally blonde" at some points in our lives to b who we really are.

and that's all this is about -- this "new constellation" and all that jazz in the news.  i appreciate the information, while i do not appreciate the ignorance with which it is being presented, its all good, right?!  oh what confusion this will give so many people who violently opposed the notion that we were reading astrological charts of an illusory reality created by Ptolemy's zodiac way back then.

u know me, if u want me to tell u what all this news means 2 you, send me an email, i'll be happy to give you my 2 cents worth.  its the way this blonde has fun!

BTW:  there are a few articles in business voodoo archives (not as much as was on zaadz.com/gaia.com, but enough) ... and check out my business voodoo myspace blogs from 2006-2007 (yeah, good luck with that!) for lots of stuff on my friend Ophiuchus and the procession of the equinoxes . . . and what that means in the reality that has been crafted for us to believe is our present reality.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'