28 June 2012

8 Breaths 2 Strength

i had the following thought:  if 'knowledge is power', strength is fueled on knowing.  and not knowing "that," but knowing that you know "that."  until knowledge is integrated through strength, power remains in potential.

so, in contemplating the foregoing thought, i contrived through complete randomness 8 thoughts to breathe if you are finding you want to exercise power with a strength to manifest your agenda, by creating it in that moment of power, fueled by the strength the choice renders.

i suggest, initially, using a ten count breath (e.g., count 10 seconds on the inhale and then exhale for 10 seconds), but once you practice this exercise, the 8 'steps' can be as simple as a thought of them.  Think the following questions and thoughts as you breathe in with nu air to create a new reality in your body, as it pushes out and you let go of old breathe and energy on the exhale.

1.  "Now that I know "that," how may I use "that"?

2.  SILENCE - listen only to your own inner voice.

3.  "At the end of the struggle, I am required to release it."

4.  "I know my power I hold in potential, and I know I choose to use it or reserve it."

5.  "I remember the emotion is only a passing feeling of one experience in this moment."

6.  "I am free to go as deep as I want to and know there's always deeper still."

7.  Enjoy the rush.

8.  "When I am making the decisions, others can adjust to support my actions, position and vision."

the acknowledgement of desire is the key strength.  one always feels desire.  when you acknowledge you have that desire you free yourself to action inspired by the passion of that desire.  the actions you choose after acknowledging desire, is the dance of power and strength with the rest of the cosmic design.

use the meditation daily to build strength as you enter the "final phase" of a project or are completing a major imprint along your journey.  this meditation is also ideal as a quick grounding and balancing meditation before meetings where power and integration are the core issues.

peace & harmony,
elaine x
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'