10 December 2010

Karmic Neptune Conflict

"Karma gets released when you just let it go."

I either read or heard this statement this week or maybe it was just a song lyric that struck me then stuck with me (although its one of those things as I retraced my steps to find it again, it is nowhere to be found).

Sounded easy enough.
And, of course, it really is that simple, right?

But how do you just "let it go" when "it" is this elusive thing you think you've figured it out, until that karmic wave returns for another round of chaos and conflict to remind you that, "Nope, that 'it' wasn't it!"

I was having a conversation this evening and I was accused, as I often am, of creating conflict. I felt like the other person had not heard a word that I was saying (yes, Mercury retrograde in full effect!) and had no idea why I even said what I did. But, that conversation led me to this thought, and I felt that maybe this is what this "it" is:   You do not create conflict.

Conflict merely exists.

There's one side and then there's the other. The duality of our existence simply is what makes a whole reality.  Perhaps karma is simply the process of working in the conflict you find yourself and doing it better each time you find yourself in the midst of the same conflict, and you release the karma when you realize you did not create the conflict, you merely created the need or desire to experience it.

If karma works on a debt kind of situation like some people propose, you are here to help the whole by being in that unique energy that interacts with all the other energies it attracts to create the reality that swirls into existence because you are alive and breathing on planet earth. And, that reality is created, conflict and all, to bring the whole back into unity in a new way.

Karma is what keeps bringing that process back again and again and again until you understand how YOU are supposed to work in the reality (conflict and all) you find yourself. And, understand that YOU are supposed to do this for the purpose of, to use a political term, "form[ing] a more perfect union" with all that exists.

If you accept that you do not create conflict, then your ego cannot be attached to the existence of the conflict or which role you play in it, other than you need to play your role.  Life is indeed a state, and you are an actor on the stage with the outcome to be whatever will be written by all the players present in this particular improvisation we call life.

So, I thought, how is it that we can recognize that we are actually in a conflict that is karmically connected to us, specifically. When do we need to pay the debt? How big is our role in bringing the whole closer to oneness through the process of being in conflict in order to make the whole complete? What part of creating peace is our responsibility?

Another "con" word came to my mind: 'confusion.' Confusion or chaos is what exists in opposition to order. To the extent you are confused (e.g., when something does not make sense to you), is the degree to which you are to play your role in the conflict to make the situation whole. If you are not confused, then don't get involved unless you are asked to help clear up the confusion, and offer your lines THEN let it go for others to exist in the conflict until they find their way to unity and clarity. If you can do that, then you will live in peace even though others are in conflict.

These are very Neptunian thoughts, I realize, and playing with the symbols of astrology along these lines poses some interesting concepts to be applied to the personal Neptunian experience and to karma. Neptune is the planet representing the "dissolving" of realities -- sounds like a "letting it go" process to me. Being a part of the collective planets, it is about the connection between you and the whole: your purpose, your role, your place in the conflict.

The better you can recognize and accept the role you play in the collective, the better you can help bring the conflict that already exists into peace and harmony -- both in your personal life and in the world.

You do not have the power to create conflict any more than you have the power to make your heart beat. Your heart beats. Conflict exists. You do have the power to create peace, just as you have the power to create a healthy environment for your heart to continue to beat. And, sometimes you don't and 'shit happens.' All you can do is your best in the moment.

Perhaps, karma is nothing more than playing the "con" game knowing that all you do is really and truly only love.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'