09 August 2010

Twisting Up The Spiral or Aquarian Tendencies

When one contemplates evolution . . . that innate desire to do something different, ostensibly more advanced but sometimes not . . . the spiral is the symbol of those thoughts, that desire, that movement. The spiral requires transformation and/or change to break out from the circular pattern of 'revolution' to convert that movement to 'evolution.'

Finding one's way through that transformation or change is tricky at best, but using 'revolutionary' astrology -- the astrology of circles that keep us revolving around a zodiac, trapped in a geo-centric reality -- does not allow for evolutionary astrological navigation.

OK -- I KNOW I'm using that catch phrase, "evolutionary astrology," but I'm not talking about that concept or system of "new" astrology that has been hijacked by some modern astrologers. "Evolutionary Astrology" is a system still based on a geo-centric zodiacal circle. A beneficial circle of understanding no doubt for many, but for most reading this, the yawns of "been there, done that" are being heard far and wide. This is not a blog on "Evolutionary Astrology" but on the navigation of spiral evolution using astrology.

The most essential element in navigating a spiral course for your life is perspective -- not the geo-centric one presented by the zodiac cast in the traditional forms. Using a helio-centric and "fixed stars" to help establish a zodiacal chart in context to the larger picture, one can begin to eclipse the revolution of the earth reality and spiral into a more cosmic reference point for the individual's experience here on earth.

How else can you get the loft needed to spiral out of the circular rotation of the single plane of three dimensional existence if not for the build up of energy along the revolutionary circle upon which the spiral is connected?

It is not necessary that everyone evolves, in fact, not everyone can/should/will or even wants to, most people are happy either being a part of the prevailing energy in either a passive or active supportive role or in a passive or active contra role. If you are evolutionary in nature, those around you engaged in that system are your power source for the propulsion of your spiral shift. The more they are themselves in the role they play in life, the more energy they contribute to the spiral shift you are consciously making.

The more you support those around you doing their life as best they can, they are doing the same for you -- they don't *have* to be even in the same book you are in to be your support for the task you have to evolve the consciousness of yourself, and hence, the world. You can *try* to tell them about the potential of the spiral, but the truth is, only those who know that the spiral exists and they want to "jump on board" can hear the truth. Don't waste too much time trying to convince others about the truth, just live it the best you can for yourself.

Astrologically, I believe, if you are not looking at your helio-centric zodiac chart, you cannot navigate the spiral shift. Only through that helio-centric perspective can you glean a picture big enough to understand your connection to the spiral energy for our times on this planet in this solar system. For some, I believe, the context is even greater, including a alignment with the Galactic Center and reference context to some major stars that have resonance with the individual.

Look at a bigger context of your existence, and soon the navigation of the Aquarian Age ride won't seem so unknown, as the information you can glean from the zodiacs drawn with these larger contexts will allow you the re-member that which you came here knowing.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'