26 November 2007

the big "4-O"

perhaps the coolest thing about a basic (or deep) understanding of astrology, is the ability to prepare for what's coming in life. because truth be told, we all experience the same energy, albeit manifests differently and uniquely for each of us. but, we have learned, thanks to things like game theory and quantum physics, that perhaps all things in life can reduced down to a mathematical equation.

so, knowing that, i play the numbers; i use the equations ... i learn by looking at the answer in the back of the book and let the equation work itself out to the desired result. energy and vibrations, as reflected in the symbols of astrology and numerology, are the symbols of my equations. in the lives of an individual, the "answer" is as varied as that which you can visualize as *your* reality or *your* desired result ... e.g., the answer to the question, "what do i want?"

"the mid-life crisis," as it has been called, is the time in life we all experience when the planet uranus opposes the position it took in the sky the morning you were born. uranus represents the "kapow" energy that was infused from the cosmos into the linear time existence of this solar system the moment you came into being.

uranus' transitional opposition is the next most powerful infusion of energy most human beings experience. so crisis? yes, it can be. if your life is not what you want, a crisis exists. the uranus opposition reminds us, through its reflecting of its original energy imprint, what our life is supposed to be.

uranus has little need to be nice about it either. it is pretty black and white, yes and no, but, most of all, it is in your face. uranus demands immediate results. uranus was, after all, the sky god -- everything that was beyond earth is in his realm. he was the power until, of course, gaia or earth, demanded equality. (a mighty planet against the entire cosmos!) the crisis existed because he had to have it his way and everyone else, including gaia, had to comply or there was hell to prove his control ... that is, until she (with their son's help) graciously freed him to be free of his need to control the earth.

this mid-life crisis, if it is that for you, exists because of the need to control the external. in the flow of life, if you are just living your life, the earth (or external) goes on about its way of making life happen for you. the deeper you are connected to your life, your true purpose, and the deeper you can live that life, the more the external things just happen. there is no need to lie, there is no hell to pay, there is no struggle ... life just happens if you give your life the liberty to pursue your happiness. sound familiar, perhaps our forefathers had it right after all.

life is embodied in your purpose and the living of that purpose on planet earth. if you are not doing that, there is a piece of you so deep that is not living. it can be buried in the death of the mundane obligations that so many put before the actual purpose of one's life. which leads us to ... "life without liberty is like a body without spirit" (kahlil gilbran).

liberty is the freedom to be; the freedom to expose that purpose and live your life the way you need to live in order to maximize your life in the universe. "liberty is the power that we have over ourselves" (hugo grotius). to the extent we give away our power to others to control ourselves, is to the extent we relinquish our liberty to live our own lives. the compromise of liberty in relationships is a constant flow of balance and communication so that the life your pursuing may bring you happiness. this is where the force of the uranus opposition strikes the hardest, and the houses of uranus' natal and transitional domicile reveal the areas in life where the force is felt.

the pursuit of "happiness" is what creates our path in life. there are many ways to craft a life of pursuing happiness. heck, there's even a book entitled "the pursuit of happiness." i'm a simple girl, so i just use the pleasure principle: if it feels good, do it. sometimes what is supposed to be a pleasure doesn't feel good, or it feels weird, or it feels forced, or it merely feels not right.

"so," you ask, "how do i use this energy?" after all, this feeling, this energy, this time has been given to you to use ... or not. there are so many stories of success coming out of the uranus opposition ... the "titanic" movie gets made. and there are so many stories of upheaval and disruption ... the divorces, the new careers, the deaths. recrafting your life with the energy leads to some amazing success stories of life shifts. ignoring it will allow the energy to do its thing resulting in a life that is going to prove to you that you were actually here to live your life and not someone else's. if you don't use the energy, the world around you will shift and expose you to the life you were here to live, and give you choice after choice after choice to make (or not), to be free or not.

choice is the breath of life, remember to breathe.

if you are in crisis, it is a time for you to step-up, this is your life.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

p.s., and yes, that is an "O" not a zero ... the uranus opposition does necessarily happen at 40, everyone's timing is different.