04 November 2007

Mars Retrograde or "Waiting on the World to Change"

"You can get so confused that you'll start into race
down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace
and grind on for miles across weirdish wild space,
headed, I fear, toward a most useless place.
The Waiting Place . . . "

-- from Dr. Suess' "Oh the Places You'll Go!"

An impasse is a "position from which there is no escape" or a "deadlock." An impasse happens when there is no resolution and you are left with a "take it" option only. "Leave it" is not even an option. Impasses quite frequently happen with authority figures in one's life.

How do you identify when you are at an impasse?
Why are they there?
Why do we create impasses?

You will recognize an impasse when you realize you have to "deal with" an otherwise unacceptable situation. You believe one thing, the other person believes another thing. You cannot reach a resolution or mediation of those two things to find something mutually acceptable; one of you have an arbitrary authority over the other. Arbitrary authority is not actual authority, but authority that is based on something external (e.g., a position, a rank, a law, a standing). Hence, because "the regulations say I'm the decider, my way is THE way."

I believe impasses are created in your life to build-up energy and to help you make a choice only you can make. The time of the impasse is best used sourcing the energy that is building up within you. Individuals create many things, and impasses in life build up what you need to be doing most. The deeper your connection to the source of the energy -- which can be evidenced in feelings of frustration, anger, aggressiveness, misery, depression, helplessness -- the more effectively you can use the energy that is built-up during an impasse.

Why we create impasses is probably as individual as each of are, but in general, I believe we are given impasses to really focus our intention and life AND to make a choice to either do it or not. After all, when you are sitting at a dead end, no resolution can be found, and your choices to this point cannot be furthered, you are forced to face the question, "can I accept what is?"

There is only two answers to that question, both of which will lead you out of the impasse. And, sure, you can choose not to answer that question, but that choice would be a choice to stay in "The Waiting Place" and locked in the impasse.

"Yes, I can accept what is." This requires a release and deep acceptance to what is as being the highest for your life. I accept that this is my path and now I will continue down it. You may find that which you were "fighting for" wasn't really that important to you. So, the question, "why was I fighting?" is the question to contemplate as you step from the impasse to find a deeper understanding of your motivation and intentions in life.

"No, this is not acceptable." This requires an evolution of perception of the situation, and requires a plan of action to supplant the arbitrary authority with a true authority. Often, impasses that are found to be unacceptable, reveal that you were not dealing with the problem on the proper level. This is often when "up the chain of command" action is required, until you are able to find resolution. This is also when you will often have to go it alone.

Mars turns retrograde on 15 November 2K7 and will be retrograde until the end of January 2K8. Mars is the planet that represents action and only goes retrograde approximately once every 2.5 years (compared to Mercury that goes retrograde 3 times a year), so when Mars goes retrograde, impasses abound in many areas of life, especially the areas affected by Mars' natal house placement and the houses Mars happens to be transiting through its retrograde cycle.

During Mars retrograde you can expect to be a time when people come to a place where they are no longer willing to "budge" and resolution may be hard to find, often relying on arbitrary authority to bring about a "winner" in conflicts. Be reflective during this time, ask yourself the question, "is this acceptable?" Really contemplate the issue looking at it from as many levels as you can see the situation. Next, contemplate the question "why?" to your answer to the first question. If you spend the time to go through this process, you will come out of the Mars retrograde with such clarity and a whole lot of energy to imprint your "I am" on our universe.

This 2K7-2K8 Mars retrograde will play with the energies of Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. For most, your external experiences and those of the collective prevailing energy, will reflect Mars as it turns retrograde in the sign of Cancer, retreats back to Gemini before moving forward and finally progressing once again through Cancer. For those who are personally conscious of your internal processes and for the areas of your life where you are independent of the prevailing energy, the constellations that Mars is actually going to be playing with during this retrograde process, are Gemini and Taurus.

This will be a time to address issues of the collective family ... "what are family values?" is a question that can be raised at this time for a deeper discussion from a collective stand point. I know that most of us are SICK TO DEATH of that phrase "family values," and what have been defined as such. Well, this is a great opportunity to take back and redefine "family values" for ourselves and infuse the collective conscious and unconsciousness with our personal truth of what are "family values."

For those who are here to assist the transition, must realize that we have the responsibility to start the dialog at this time. Mars is actually in Gemini, and for those who are trying to create reality, communication and expression is where our action must be. When Mars moves back into Taurus, we then assert a fixed connection to the earth and hold tight to the truth of the "family of humanity." Consciously rooting our personal values deep in the sign of Taurus for those who we are able to engage in the dialog (as the prevailing energy operates the energy of the twins, giving "two points of view" for those living in the tropical world of Mars in Gemini), can help those still engulfed in the prevailing energy system to more fully realize the "family of humanity" when Mars moves forward again next January and re-enters Cancer (tropically) once again.

This period from 15 November - 30 January is a great time for teaching on true "motherhood," and that true family has space for all the individual parts to contribute equally in their own unique ways.

Join me to discuss this in great depth in the context of the energy of our collective and our personal lives next Saturday 10 November 2K7, at 6:00 p.m. in THE sideREAL world on Blog Talk Radio.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'