18 December 2016

Matriarchial Tyming

Time, random time -- you know the tym that no one really knows because no appointment was made and birth (or life) just happens to begin, because of the mother and the life that comes through her -- is that which gives birth to the harmony of chaos or disorder.

Understanding random tym is the mechanics of mom, and it helps us realize the priorities in values that create chaos always bring empowerment for survival. Sometimes, moms do make appointments, that's when we're serious about our priorities over the standing will(s) of others, in this specific moment. Sometimes called, "a power play" by those who hate to release their standing will's control. Trusting mom, a challenge for us all, is a test, so, watch to see if we listen well to the children first -- the mom's top "job" priority.

And, because "father time" decides with his seeds which women get to create chaos, we are back to yang and ying to create the whole of our reality, including the chaos that comes from birth. Tangent thought: Why thoughts about safe and controlled sex are so important to teach to children and young adults.

Love wins if you know love is supposed to win, even in the chaos love finds itself happening to be.