05 December 2015

The Egos Place

The ego's place found in the astrological chart(s) varies in the moment which is THIS part of the journey in the individual's mind.

We often forget context of personal experience with strangers and the only way to really know that, their context, is to experience it in their sharing.

So, when looking at the charts for others, I just listen for the stories they (the charts) tell me the loudest in the moment I'm together with the other person and not judge the stories relevance or focus vis-a-vis me, until a later time, and I DO always reflect on the common pieces of our journeys together.

Why I wait to self-reflect? Emotional bodies inflate egos, and often chat readings have lots of emotion with them.

Just because someone experiences a common theme to my life, didn't mean it's timing is relevant for my life as it is for theirs. I just always try to remember the common connection that is not reasonably now relevant is a projection if it's not historic.

Sometimes I look back at things I've written for others and see the ugly print of my insecure ego's head. It's good to get better at things.