02 January 2014

misleading numbers

can reinterpret your entire context in a nanosecond.

focus on the stability of vibrations at the simplicity of basic numbers.

vibrations as simple as the 0 and 1 of the digital realm makes the +/- of it almost simplistic if 0 was like a 2, but its not, its a concept of a "number" and the space of that oval, lol, OVAL, and not circle connotes something specific.

Oval allows for consciousness, forethought, third eye, etc., to imprint the circle, looking to the 1 and the 4, the 5 of the structure first required for any notion, idea or structure.  In construction, project into the 1, the yang, the 'closed' (ironically or not), the creation, then look to the 4, the foundation (think, business plan), of the structure that leads to evolution.  Taking this cycle of the manifest to the projected evolution (0, zero, oval), in the direction of the Creator.

sigh, don't quite know if i understand that fully, but i did for a nanosecond or two more than I did the last time i thought on the oval after being introduced to the concepts so many years ago.