20 February 2007

the harmonics of 3: now we're creating reality

this is an interesting chart. taken from ken keye jr.'s "handbook to higher consciousness".

i found this chart to epitomize how to take what you know ... the spiritual truths, the philosophies, the ideas, the concepts ... and turn them into real life, manifested reality.

i highlighted one area of the second chart that is critical ... "reprogramming your addictions to preferences." it is the area i have been emphasizing the most lately; these are the retrograde moments in life.

you know that i have written extensively on retrograde planets, their energies and how to use the retrograde cycle to achieve higher levels of consciousness and to evolve in your personal development. my monthly calendar emphasizes retrogrades in concert with the linear aspect of the day's numeric harmonics to focus conscious evolution. some of this can be sort of obtuse and not real practical. and when i found this chart, i said ... "there it is, the practical description of the retrograde process." (if clicked on, the chart will open in a larger format for clearer viewing.)

each time a planet goes retrograde, it is the optimum time to key in on the short-cut that leads to personal knowledge and the conscious ability to change habits that do not work, into processes that do.

on the next episode of THE sideREAL world, i will be focusing on the harmonics of 3 and turning thought into matter ... turning the idea in to manifest reality. three is the first step into the world of matter, and it is where things become real -- when before, all they were was idea and thought. the harmonic of 3 creates the first tangible building block from which success is built.

so, join me on 3 march 2k7, at 5:30 p.m. PST for a look at "3: creating reality."

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'